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This website was created to provide a single, comprehensive source of information for parents, guardians and caregivers of children aged zero to twelve who are seeking nutrition and health guidance for themselves and their infants, toddlers and school-aged children. With a Canadian focus, the site will feature timely, relevant content to address the topics that matter most to you.

About Simone Finkelstein


Simone graduated from the Ryerson University Food & Nutrition program with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in 2001, and has been providing nutritional counselling for about six years. Aside from her extensive experience in the treatment of eating disorders, Simone has led nutritional education for corporations, and has provided expert advice for various publications and television shows. Simone is regularly referred by general practitioners and pediatricians when expert nutritional guidance is required.

Simone is the mother of a rambunctuous 1 year old boy with a love of most foods...some days.

Simone's services are not covered by OHIP. Please check with your extended health plans to determine your coverage for nutritional counselling services. Rates available upon request for our services.

Babies and Iron

When babies consume insufficient quantities of iron they may develop anemia, a condition characterized pale skin complexion, slow or no weight gain, irritability and poor appetite. Health Canada has published a Dietary Reference Intake Guide to delineate the elements necessary throughout the lifecycle for proper health.

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Food Recall Increase?

It appears that food warnings and recalls, particularly from products originating from China, have been on the rise. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) places the onus of food safety on the importer, who must adhere to the CFIA's quality standards. While this has been little comfort to those upset by the rash of recent recalls, it has increased awareness of such issues, catalysing growth of such organizations as Canadian Partnership for Consumer Food Safety Education and increasing awareness of the benefits of locally grown and organic food.